Oman Insurance Company was the first insurance company in the UAE to offer fully digital term and critical illness insurance 产品, with the launch of its DigiTerm and DigiCI solutions.


The decision to launch a completely online term product reflected both Oman Insurance’s commitment to product and 过程 创新, as well as the rapid evolution of digital capabilities and growing user willingness to transact in the cyber 环境.

The DigiTerm and DigiCI 产品 offer the same expansive coverage that is available under a conventional policy secured via a 以纸张为基础的流程,但在很短的时间内交付. 然而,人工承保的典型生命周期 policy can be a few days, via the electronic system transactions can be completed within minutes.

门户还为客户提供了很大的策略灵活性, 使他们能够选择最合适的水平 保额及保单期限. Cover of up to AED 1 million is available via the system with secure payment 过程ing ensuring that every stage in the policy purchasing journey is catered for within the simple-to-use electronic platform.


Taking the product online required Oman Insurance to put in place the digital infrastructure to map every stage in the 过程, 从“前台”客户门户, 通过生成报告, 数据安全要求, KYC AML / 合规流程、程序和验证步骤, 一直到再保险部分支撑着 产品.

CQ9跳高高网站的解决方案’ proprietary IMS platform delivered the capability to manage each of these stages within a single, 流体, 互联系统. Oman Insurance had appointed the firm in April 2016 to provide Third Party Administration to the 现有的书. The project included the migration of their existing business from their legacy platform onto IMS. 到目前为止, 伴随着一次成功的迁移, 5个新产品已经交付, 包括DigiTerm和DigiCI.

The plan for DigiTerm and DigiCI started with mapping out and developing a product journey which would deliver a fully online 向最终客户提供购买体验,包括在线支付.

门户还为客户提供了很大的策略灵活性, 使他们能够选择最合适的水平 保额及保单期限. Cover of up to AED 1 million is available via the system with secure payment 过程ing ensuring that every stage in the policy purchasing journey is catered for within the simple-to-use electronic platform.


A multi-stage 过程 was put in place, which encompassed the following phases:

  • Product idea generation – Oman Insurance outlined the primary objectives of the proposed product and the method for 交付给CQ9跳高高网站解决方案.
  • 审核流程——CQ9跳高高网站的解决方案审核产品规范, 与阿曼保险公司密切合作,确保 完全了解产品的每一个组成部分.
  • Solution mode – CQ9跳高高网站的解决方案 designed a 过程 within IMS to cater for the envisaged product, 强调关键功能 和福利, while also ensuring the technology supported a fully digital customer acquisition strategy, 包括信贷 card merchant integration for a seamless payment experience and digital delivery of policy documents.
  • Refining the solution – CQ9跳高高网站的解决方案 and Oman Insurance reviewed and refined this 过程 paying particular attention to the end customers’ experience, resulting in a signed-off specification and build plan for IMS.
  • The build phase – CQ9跳高高网站的解决方案 built the functionality and customer journey into IMS and conducted extensive 对产品和工艺的每个组件进行功能测试, 然后在阿曼保险公司进行测试 生产前的环境审批.


The primary challenges generated by the build and launch of the online system were not related to the specific features of the 平台或产品本身, but rather stemmed from the demand to ensure that the end-to-end customer journey was as 尽可能精简和高效. 进一步的挑战是需要将该系统与A 第三方信用卡商户, ensuring that the acquisition of the insurance product was completed at the point of payment.

Critical to the ability of the CQ9跳高高网站的解决方案 team to overcome these challenges was the level of flexibility of both 过程 以及内置在IMS中的产品设计. The information workflow within the system is underpinned by a proprietary workflow system which enables an immense level of customization both for specific markets and 产品, 以及错综复杂的 分销渠道.

A series of custom workflows was created within the IMS engine to cater for each stage of the customer journey – everything from online data capture to 承销 and quoting of premiums had to be integrated into the system. 这不仅意味着 每一步都可以通过平台进行引导, 但也确保了所有的合规和管理规则可以 坚持.

这种高度的灵活性也使CQ9跳高高网站解决方案团队得以实现, 与信用卡商家密切合作, 为了适应 保费收取过程到他们的特定协议, 从而确保与IMS平台的无缝集成.


Commenting on the demands of the system build, John Uprichard, Group Chief Executive Officer & CQ9跳高高网站董事总经理 解决方案,他说:

“Our extensive experience in designing bespoke digital solutions that map the full online customer journey enabled us to interpret the OIC product specifications and translate them into an end-to-end digital customer 过程. 输入和 collaboration from OIC came from both the executive ranks as well as product development, 承销, 分布, 合规和运营人员, which ensured that every step was fully vetted and approved and resulted in a solution 符合目的.”

He added: “To deliver the level of customization required to fulfil the requirements of the customer journey, 我们设计了一个 bespoke set of workflows to create a complete digital delivery of the buying experience. 应用程序中的所有内容 捕获相关的客户端详细信息, to the automated 承销 of the health declaration and subsequent rate quoting 流程,是为阿曼保险的DigiTerm和DigiCI产品设计的.”

“甚至还有上传功能,他接着说, 允许客户上传AML/KYC所需的相关文件 检查和任何未完成的要求都是为该产品定制的. IMS工作流规则引擎的灵活性 enabled the end solution design to match Oman Insurance’s product/market needs. 通过参与IMS中的多个模块 核心系统和web应用层,实现了全数字化解决方案.”